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You are visiting the website of the company, leader in the wine fridges sector, with 25 years of experience, and 5 of direct selling via e-commerce, that allow us to have the best quality at a very competitive price.

During the years and with the cumulative experience we succeeded to develop some product lines, all of them as expression of the fridges capacities that can be close to your needs: from domestic to working environment or as luxury goods.

Here in these pages you will see a lot of wine coolers for built-in and free standing solutions.

The LUXURY line has the most advanced technologies avaible, innovation, style at a competitive price compared to the competitors.

If you don’t have time to see all our products list, please send us an email with your needs at info@datrongmbh.eu : we will reply you in a short time.

Our Customer Service is at your disposal for every question possible at info@datrongmbh.eu.

  • For your Home

    Our Home Line is made to stay perfectly at your domestic place (kitchens, living rooms, specific corners of the house)

  • Luxury Line

    The Datron GmbH Luxury Line is the best for who wants to have perfectly designed products, the best internal components and very effective optionals for your eyes and your alcohol taste.

  • Business Line

    To whom is specifically interested to perfectionate his working environment or to whom needs wine coolers / wine fridges in business structures as hotels, bars, restaurants, bed&breakfast…

Are you searching a wine fridge for your home?

We have different solutions for you in our domestic category area

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Datron GmbH wine coolers - wine fridge 28 bottles

Are you searching for a luxury product?

Our luxury products will satisfy every need you can have

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Cantinette cantinetta vino di lusso Datronper il vino

Are you searching a wine cooler for your business or shop?

We have different solutions in different areas

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Wine Cooler Datron GmbH 166 bottles double temperature