Built-in wine coolers: fit perfectly wherever you want!

-in wine coolers are the most requested, because they can be installed in various places
in the kitchen or in other corners of the house.

Basically, each bottle is cooled evenly with the internal ventilation of the wine cooler. The set
temperature is not limited to a certain zone as with a simple domestic fridge, but is
homogeneous in all areas of the wine cooler. The humidity in the wine cooler is ideal for the
maturation and storage of the wine.

Built-in category can be chosen based on the available space: under counter, column or
wall oven niche.
The characteristic that distinguishes built-in wine coolers is the front plinth, which ensures
proper air circulation and consequently makes the wine cooler operating correctly.

Please note that Datrons’ built-in wine coolers can also be used freestanding. On the contrary,
we strongly advise against installing freestanding models in a furniture, or positioning them
in a tight space. Our staff is always available to provide you support for choosing the right
wine cooler and for clarifying any other doubt.

Under counter built-in wine coolers are the most commonly used, as they allow to optimally
utilize the space under the worktop.

On the other hand, if there are no space limitations, the built-in column wine coolers have
a great scenic impact due to their large bottle count.

Then there are the built-in wine coolers with wall oven size, perfectly fit into the kitchen or any
other niche.

In short, just give space to your imagination to find the perfect solution.

As anticipated, built-in wine coolers can also be used freestanding. The modern and
minimalist design makes the wine cooler an attractive furniture. For the most demanding
customers it is possible to have personalized wine coolers. Datron offers handmade covers
for all refrigerators, it can be chosen between wood, fine leather or film coatings.

All you have to do now is choose your perfect wine cooler>>>

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